Genetic Horizons is a new company rising from a wealth of experience in the Cattle Industry.

David Dyment brings experience gained from ownership of Genetic Futures LLC - a TransOva Satellite Lab location and Live Calf Recipient Operation. David also has many years of being an Official Judge at many locales around the world and has focused recent efforts on the Genetic advancement within the Holstein Industry. David has owned or bred many elite cows during his 30 plus year career to date.

At Genetic Horizons great detail is taken from the moment new Recipients come through our door to ensure the best results.

All animals at our facility have been tested negative for Leucosis, Neospora and BVD, upon arrival all Recipients are weighed and vaccinated. After vaccinating, all Recipients are quarantined for a minimum of 21 days. After quarantine all of the heifers are placed on a strict synchronization protocol and all suitable Recipients are implanted to a maximum of twice.

In order to try to be as efficient and obtain the best results possible, we believe that investing in management tools, helps not only us, but brings benefits to our customers as well. This is why we track all events on Farm with DairyComp and use activity monitors for heats. This allows us not only to make the best use of the Recipients, but also identify which heifers should be used in every different possible scenario.

We understand the effort our customers go through in order to have elite and superior genetics and we strive to provide and an elite and superior service. Our customers expect us to maximize results and at the end of the day, if our customers aren’t successful, either are we.

Our customers include leading Breeders and AI Organziations, not only in Canada but Internationally. We’ve had the privilege of working with some of the Breed’s best including:

At Genetic Horizions we can assist you in an embryo program whether it be High Genomics, High Type or adding profitable genetics to your herd.

Together we have a business model unique in Southern Ontario. With the necessary partners in place to do IVF and to provide expert care of topnotch Recipients - you can maximize your genetics and take your livestock to a new level - at a price point that makes sense.